Talents in the Left Brain

Left-brained people tend to...
   * Have strong language talents and talk a lot.
   * Analyze everything logically. When talking about something, they start at the beginning, and go logically to the next event, often giving explanations. "Next we did this, because..."
   * Like to keep events on time and on track, and like to be punctual
   * Often ask "why" after someone else has said something.
   * Often say "not necessarily" because their brains see a different logic
   * Like TV documentaries that explain things.
   * Like non-fiction books, text books, and instruction manuals.
   * Like daytimers, computer schedule programs.
   * Have neater desks, with papers filed neatly

They are usually:
   * good at mathematics and science
   * good at making visual comparisons
   * best working in quiet atmosphere