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EDIT 620: Multimedia Curriculum Development
An introduction to multimedia authoring for classroom and/or training applications using Adobe Flash (CS4) and Hyperstudio. Students will collaborate on the development of a graded sequence of laboratory projects, and then produce a unique presentation suitable for use in their instructional setting.
Multimedia Flash Project: 
  1. Hyperlink: MSIT@UB
  2. Flash File: MSIT.swf (Note: to play video use the hyperlink above)
Project Description: The module provides information on the iMSIT program@UB: salient features, course descriptions, summary, three tracks info: teacher, trainer and developer; faculty specializations, professional certifications & further study; admission requirements; instructional technology definition and the contact details including a php enabled "Contact Us" form that sends me an instant email whenever a user fills in the form  and requests information.

The module incorporates and explores Adobe Flash CS4 features: shape and motion tweens; use of components; media/audio files; movie clips; bitmaps; motion presets; buttons; action script 3 (AS3); php script; hyperlinks, emails; interactivity; contact form; hyperlinks; email; scaling; object properties; filters etc.